Cosy Sack Petit Royal

The Cosy sack has been developed to eliminate the time-consuming task of changing clothes when moving from indoor to outdoor conditions. Made from a soft and lightly padded Pearl Velvet fabric with a cotton jersey lining, the CosySack has excellent warming qualities. Opening up the front zipper gives a fast and easy transition from colder to warmer conditions without waking up a sleeping child. It has been designed specifically for use with the belts in strollers, car seats or carry cots. This gives a snug fit and safer travel than bulky outerwear can provide and at the same time gives more freedom to move. Simply put - the best piece of traveling equipment available.

Size 0-6 m length 58 cm, width 40 cm.
Size 6-12 m length 68 cm, width 42 cm.
  • 商品编号 105516_80