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Geggamoja - SALE

Take a look at our Geggamoja - SALE and find lots of our fashion favorites from the popular brand at discounted prices. Geggamoja have become experts in manufacturing children's clothing that’s both stylish and comfortable, and that can be used for both everyday fashion and for special occasions. The majority of  their products are made of organic cotton and have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which means that their garments are both enviroment friendly and smooth to your baby's skin.

Characteristic  for the items on our Geggamoja - SALE is the classical Geggamoja stripes that have become the brand's signature. The color scheme is often white, black and gray combined with bolder colors, simple, funny and nice all at the same time. So don’t miss to check out the jumpers, shirts, jackets, dresses, hats and more on our Geggamoja -  SALE!