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BRIO Go Prambody 2014 Grey - 2
BRIO Go Prambody 2014 Grey - 2

Go Prambody 2014 Grey

Go comes equipped with a seat unit, so just add a pram body and you have a pram that’s ready to go right from the very start. No sooner said than done – with just one little click you’ve attached the pram body, which has plenty of room for your child. It also has a lovely mattress that keeps dry at all times. Function Stable pram body unit that rests firmly on various surfaces when detached from the chassis. Practical compartments inside and outside the pram body. Sunshade Hood with UV protection UPF 50+. Wind & Rain Dirt- and water-resistant fabric. Impregnation that protects against both wind and rain. Ventilation Ventilation opening with midge net. Fabric Durable, wipe-clean outer fabric. Soft, padded inner lining that is detachable and washable. Separate washable mattress, which is self-ventilating and moisture wicking to keep the baby’s skin dry. Bed dimensions 76 x 32 cm Weight pram body 4,3 kg
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